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We offer you a series of tips and recommendations for buying a cheap television or Smart TVDiscover our selection of cheap televisions for less than 300 eurosYou can also see our list with the best Smart TVs

I’m sure during these Christmas you will see many posters with offers and discounts for buy a television. However, perhaps depending on the store or chain you go to, you recommend different televisions, screens, sizes, etc..

And it is that buy a television It is by no means an easy task due to the wide variety of models available. Luckily, until OLED TVs are reasonably priced, the market is somewhat stagnant in terms of new technologies and features, so it can be a great time to switch tv.

The plasma televisions They are still a very interesting option in terms of price and quality. They are ideal for viewing highly dynamic content(sports, action movies, etc) and show warm colors and quite real. Although they also have their buts, since are bulkier, heavier and emit a greater amount of heat.

televisions with LCD screens has the advantage that they consume 25% less than a plasma, compared to 40% of an LCD LED. In addition, they are televisions very thin, light and easy to applyand there is a larger variety of inches, ranging from the smallest formats to large screens. Among their disadvantages is that they have longer response timewhich is reduced in high-end LED LCD models.

Although there are several types of LCD panels, currently the types IPS (In-Plane Switching) They are the most used for high-end televisions (For the medium and low ranges, the traditional TN panels are still used, which are cheaper). TVs with an IPS display have a better viewing angle, a faster response time and better contrast.

But these are not the only ones characteristics that you should look for when buying a televisionin the following link you have all the information and recommendations to make a good purchase.

Tips for buying a television

But if you are looking for a smart tv this christmasyou have to take into account a series of complementary tips related to the purchase of smart TVs: available apps, ways to interact, connectivity, etc.

Are issues and very important features when choosing a smart tv of the market and for this reason we have prepared a list with all the necessary tips for buy a smart tv:

Tips for buying a Smart TV

But in addition to guiding you in the buying your new television this Christmas We also show you two lists with the best televisions:

Sweet potato televisions for less than 300 euros

Best Smart TVs

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