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Bartomeu will go to trial for a crime of insults and slander against Jaume Roures

The former president of FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeuwill be tried criminally together with his chief of staff of the presidency in the Barcelona club, Jaume Masferrerfor “continued crime of serious insults with publicity“to the businessman Jaume Rouresas dictated by an order of the trial court number 13 of Barcelona.

Roures, president of the Mediapro group and guarantor of Laporta in his current term, he filed a lawsuit against Bartomeu for possible insults and slander. One of Nicestream’s fake accounts on social networks related to FC Barcelona was dedicated to the businessman under the name of ‘Jaume, a horror film’ (Jaume, a horror film), which led to the complaint against the former culĂ© president.

The court now requests Bartomeu and Masferrer, to begin with, a deposit of 100,000 euros to be deposited in less than 24 hours to ensure civil and pecuniary responsibilities that may arise from the cause. If this amount is not paid, “the assets of his property” would be seized to “cover said amount”.

Furthermore, the judge Alejandra Gilin charge of the investigation, has given a period of 10 days for those investigated to formulate the defense brief against the accusations made. This cause is included in the framework of the ‘Barçagate’ case, in which a possible corruption between individuals and unfair administration in the hiring of the Nicestream company by some former managers of FC Barcelona is investigated.

Specifically, Bartomeu and Masferrer themselves are being investigated; oscar grau, the general director; and Roman Gomez-Pontithe director of legal services.

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