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Alonso breaks the London Stock Exchange: Aston Martin shares grow 25% one day after his podium finish

The ‘Alonso effect’ has transcended the limits of social networks with the podium achieved aboard his Aston Martin in Bahrain. The double world champion’s success in the opening race of the season has had an influence beyond qualifying, even reaching the London Stock Exchange, where an increase of almost 25% in the value of its shares has been reflected.

The British manufacturer of high-performance luxury cars saw how these rose, specifically, 24.66% on Monday morning, boosted by yesterday’s race at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso embrace after the Spaniard's podium in Bahrain.

Although it was mostly Alonso’s good career that boosted the company’s figures, nor should you detract from the performance of your partnerthe Canadian Lance Stroll, who achieved a creditable sixth position despite dragging physical ailments after the bicycle accident suffered in Spain a few weeks ago.

Alonso, a profitable signing for Aston Martin and F1

Aston Martin’s commitment to Fernando Alonso is being more than positive in these first weeks, and it is that, in addition to sports performance, the brand has been boosted in terms of image by the charismatic Asturian pilot.

Examples of his growing prominence are both the fan movement that has accompanied the winner of two World Cups since his return to the ‘Gran Circo’ in 2021, with phenomena such as ‘El Plan’, ‘La Misisón’ or ‘La 33’, as well as the performance that He is knowing how to get the F1 brand itself from the return to the top of Alonso. Something that this weekend was demonstrated with the numerous contents in official social networks Focused on your achievement.

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