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All the necessary information to buy a universal remote

No one doubts that remote controls provide us with extreme comfort in terms of all the electronic devices we have at home. Thanks to this we will not have to move from our sofa to be able to interact and have them do what we request.

The problem with this type of device is that, when used so much, especially those that operate the television, they tend to break down, either due to the amount of time they are used or because they have received the odd blow from time to time, something that It has happened to all of us at some point.

In addition, it can be a real nuisance to have a remote for each of the devices that we have in our house, since in the end it may be that you confuse one with another and even one that belonged to equipment that we no longer have, could appear in some drawer

Whether you want to change a remote that no longer works or if what you want is that different devices can be controlled at the same time from the same device, the solution you have is to buy a universal remote.

But at this point it may be that with so many possibilities on the market, it is not very clear to you which of all of them is the one that best suits what you need. For this reason we are going to provide you with all the information and from there you will be the one who decides which one you prefer.

What is a universal remote?

When we talk about a universal remote we mean a type of remote control that is capable of controlling devices of different kinds such as stereos, video or televisions, among others.

For these controls to work and with the equipment that we want, we have two ways to achieve it. One of them is to make a infrared readingstoring the acquired codes in the memory of the universal remote, or making those same codes enter the manual controlthat is, that we are the ones who provide you with such information.

We can say that the main reason to buy a universal remote control today is to have in the same device the possibility of controlling all the devices that we have at home or at least those in a room such as the living room.

Remote control

We could manage our Smart TV, stereo, DVD player or console from the same device, to give several examples.

This would imply great comfort and a change in our fields, since we would not have to use five or six different controls.

It would also be possible for the Universal remote can be used to replace the original one that it has broken down, but we must take into account that the vast majority of brands, for example, televisions, have the original controls themselves in their catalogue, so for many people the universal in this case would not have much room.

Even so, it is the second possibility to buy a device of this type.


What to look for when buying a universal remote control

When it’s time to buy a universal remote, we open our favorite technology shopping website and realize that there are so many remote controls that we don’t know which one is right for us.

Well, now we are going to see certain details that we must pay attention to so that our choice of universal remote control is the most appropriate.


Before looking at any universal remote control, the first thing we have to think about is why do we want that device.

Asking this question is important, since the one we buy will depend on the answer.

In this case we can have two possibilities. The first would be that We only want the remote for a specific deviceso we could select one that is specialized in the brand of the device we want to associate with, although if we take a more standard one it will also work for us.

The second possibility is if we are going to use it to encompass different types of devicesso we must already acquire those that are more of a standard type and not only centralized in one brand.

Another thing that we can also look at is that, if we use a lot of streaming viewing platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Video, counting on the control with a specific button for these platforms, they can help us in terms of comfort.


The remote control memory It is not overly important if you are only going to use it for a specific shutdown, but if it is going to be synchronized with several, then this parameter becomes very important, since it should have enough to store all those codes that we need.

Even note that there are remote controls that are capable of save different functions learned from the original remote or even established by ourselvesso in those cases the memory should be large.

Number of synchronized devices

Obviously, there is another facet that we cannot forget and that is the number of devices that the remote allows to connect at the same time.

In other words, if the remote we are interested in can only have five devices in memory, but we have seven, then that device is not for us.

One For All ATA-D


Surely at some time in your life you have had a remote control that had a hard time giving a signal to the device for which it was associated, because the operating distance was shorter than the meters at which the device was located.

He range of command It is something that we must also take into account. To find out if the remote we like works for us, all that remains is to measure the distance to the different devices with which we want to work with it.


This is a more subjective part of what the universal remote control is, but it is also true that we like to have devices that have a attractive designeven at the controls.

Obviously, for what we are looking for, the design does not affect at all.

Another thing is manufacturingsince that is where the ergonomics of the controller itself would enter, the materials in which it is made, if the buttons are in easy positions to reach, if the touch of these is correct or if we are talking about an excessively heavy device.

All of these are parameters that we can take into account when purchasing a product of this type.

Now that you have all the information you need to understand which remote is best for you and your needs, you can head to your favorite tech store and take home a quality remote.

If you want to tell us on our social networks what your choice has been, we will be delighted to know.

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