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Albert Perrín, Laporta’s former vice president at Barça, explains the club’s payments to Negreira: “They were a non-aggression pact”

Albert Perrinvice president of Barcelona in the first stage of Joan Laporta between 2005 and 2010has ruled this Tuesday on the scandals related to the ‘Negreira case’who has been shaking the Barça club for more than a month.

It is, of course, an authoritative voice when it comes to talking about the Catalan entity and Laporta, after having been his right hand and personal friend for so many years, almost fifty, and an important figure for that matter having belonged to the blaugrana organizational chart for so many years, in such an important position.

Speaking to Radio Barcelona, ​​Perrín wanted, first of all, congratulate Laporta for his management and his workjust the same March 7 in which they are fulfilled two years after the return of the Barcelona lawyer to the top of the culé dome. Even so, the former vice-president has shown concern about the wear and tear that a scandal like this can cause for the figure of the president, and for the image of the club in general.

I don’t know anything about what happened and I’ve talked to other managers at the time and they don’t know anything either.“The former manager has begun his defense of the club, assuring that I was not aware of any type of payment or contract between Barça and the company DASNIL 95owned by the former vice president of the Arbitration Technical Committee (CTA) José María Enríquez Negreira.

Josep María Bartomeu in the Camp Nou offices, and an image of Enríquez Negreira.

In addition, Perrín has made it very clear that the situation the club is going through right now because of the ‘Negreira case’ to him it does not have him “shocked”. On the contrary, Perrín considers that Barça has never been “favored by the referees”giving as an example several Leagues in which the Catalans lost because of decisions by the referees, and therefore they have nothing to fear.

What the former culé vice president has admitted, by way of explanation and justification, removing iron from the matter, is that he believes that what happened is that the payments to Negreira constituted some kind of “non-aggression pact” that they would have started Josep Lluís Núñez or Joan Gaspart in previous presidencies and that subsequent presidents “preferred not to touch it just in case”.

At no time has Perrín explained what he means by the so-called “non-aggression pact” with the arbitration group, but far from shedding light on the matter, his statements add fuel to the fire. Not only has not dispelled the doubts about the honorability of the referees and the clubbut has been contradicted in its own versiondenying to know anything about the payments to later admit that they were already established in the club before his arrival.

In addition, to finish, Perrín himself attacked Javier Tebas, president of the League: “Barça, historically, has always had many enemies. From within and without. Don’t you remember the Leo Messi theme? Thebes, when he had no position, did everything possible so that he was not registered. What we suffered… Thebes is anti-Barcelona to the core. He is a historical enemy and now that he has power, much more“.

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