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“33 minutes, 333 calories”: Alonso’s latest ‘storie’ drives his fans crazy


A few months before the start of the 2023 Formula 1 season, the first information about Fernando Alonso’s AMR23 made the enthusiasm for the Asturian driver rise from its ashes in Spain, although many never left the ship. However, there was a number that changed everything, which revolutionized social networksand that made Alonso himself a accomplice and participant in the madness generated for his exciting project at Aston Martin: 33. How 33?

There are 32 victories that Alonso has won in Formula 1, and two world championships that he won, so number 3, just in addition to his 99th podium at its debut in Bahrain, has become fetish number for his fans. The hope that that 33rd victory will come has turned social networks into a hive, searching desperately, almost obsessivelybut always from humor, any number 3 or 33 in any publication related to Formula 1.

Even so, the most interesting thing about the situation is that the Asturian pilot himself has entered the rag on more than one occasion, and is in charge of subtly and indirectly feed that ‘collective hysteria’ around a figure that has transcended and symbolizes much more. In official statements, he is always cautious, but in his social networks and in more relaxed environments, always leaves clues about the 33.

Fernando Alonso, and his people at Aston Martin, know things. is the car with more room for grill improvement Because it is a completely new concept compared to 2022, and although they pretend to be prudent and restrained, they leave clues about what is to come. A few days ago, during the Bahrain GP, Alonso responded to DAZN with a “How?” to the question about 33and this Wednesday he uploaded a ‘storie’ to his Instagram that has once again turned social networks upside down.

Many suspect that Alonso manages a secondary account on Twitter to be part of the Spanish Formula 1 community on the social network, and it would not be surprising, because looks like another fan. The media have not been able to ignore the wave of 33 either, and many have joined the trend and have followed the current of social networks.

In the ‘storie’ specifically, Alonso recorded the screen of his training while ran on the treadmilland curiously his training time reached the magical figure ’33’ minuteshaving also burned in the process, how could it be otherwise, 333 calories. The reactions have not been long in coming, and a multitude of users have shared the video highlighting and pointing out the ‘winks’ left by Alonso to feed even more hope in a ‘Mission’ that he began to ask for in Sakhir.

Also, the dog with sunglasses that appears in the ‘storie’ has also been interpreted as a ‘wink’ to the most common viral reactions to any content related to ‘la 33’: desperately barking dogs to represent, together with words like ‘hysteria’ or ‘schizophrenia’, the situation of extreme arousal that lives within what was once known as the ‘blue tide’, for which, everything is said, Dan Fallows is quite a ‘father’ for having created the AMR23, the ‘most illegal car in history’. Fernando Alonso has Twitter at his feet.


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